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Beijing Milas Analytical Instruments CO., LTD is a exclusively funded company that set up in China by Japan Mitorika Glass CO., LTD.

Japan Mitorika Glass CO., LTD, which is founded in 1965, is a intergrated company that processing and manufacturing Quartz glass, special glass and light source which is applicated in instruments. The leading products of Mitorika is various of glass products, Quartz color plate ;light source that used in analytical instruments; specific glass that used in the area of aviation、Aerospace、Semiconductor、Optical fiber communication、The processing production  of special glass and quartz products  in  instrument analysis industry.The analysis of the production of the light source with instrument deuterium lamp elements is given priority to, and provide to Japanese instrument manufacturers, for its production of  the analysis instrument facilities, including spectrophotometer, atomic absorption, liquid phase analysis instrument on the various deuterium lamp.
Beijing Milas Analytical Instruments CO., LTD company completely introduction of Japan's equipment, process and technology, and the Japanese responsible for production management. Main production analysis instrument use of deuterium lamp used in the various types of liquid chromatography ultraviolet detector, uv/visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer. At the same time can be according to domestic analysis instrument factory production need to design and manufacture, and can completely satisfy the import equipment requirements analysis. Japan's headquarters to the company all the products developed on the overall test and inspection, and batch production for the products of high density random sampling inspection. Product quality guarantee world index.




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